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Sustainability: Economics, Environment, Management and Society (SUSTEEMS)

“The most powerful tool in economics is not money, nor even algebra. It’s a pencil. Because with a pencil you can redraw the world” 

Kate Raworth 

Sustainability: Economics, Environment, Management and Society (SUSTEEMS) is a new interdisciplinary doctoral programme jointly offered by the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Law, and the Department Sociology and Social Research.

The focus of this programme is the study how the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability can inform economic models, models and tools for managing natural resources, business models and management tools for companies, institutions and organizations (including both for-profit and non-profit ones).

The PhD programme provides advanced knowledge in selected disciplines, including a broad range of quantitative and qualitative methods, and a stimulating interdisciplinary research environment.

In her/his PhD thesis, the PhD candidate may address research questions within a disciplinary boundary or from an interdisciplinary perspective. He/she can conduct both theoretical and empirical investigations, using diverse methodological approaches.

The official language of the doctoral programme is English.

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