Students and citizens debate on the beginning and the end of life The National Bioethics Committee meets in Trento
Enrolment 2014/2015: the level of new students improves Over 6,300 applications for the 2,535 available places in restricted-access courses. The range of offered courses and progressive university fee calcualtion system - one of the most innovative in Italy - were particularly appreciated.
Mobility of the elderly: DALÌ is the solution The new walker-device was developed by the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
The Paolo Borsellino Award to Andrea di Nicola PhD and researcher in Criminology at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento
Student Game Design Competition The team "SuperSantos Design" from DISI has received the first prize
Best journal paper on "International Journal of Image and Data Fusion" Lorenzo Bruzzone and Mattia Pedergnana are the co-authors of the paper