The survey on the objective and subjective safety in the municipality of Trento will continue until 14 November The interviews regarding the European project eSecurity are submitted to 4,000 citizens living in the 12 city districts
Appointment of the Supervisory Committee to select the candidatures for the upcoming Rector's elections First formal steps in the process towards the election of the new Rector of the University of Trento. The three appointed members are Bosia, Toniolo, and Santucci
Aronne Armanini is the new Deputy Rector He will be in charge till the election of the new Rector
UniTrento: the Committee for the implementation of the Ethic Code was appointed Francesco Gregorio Arena, Andrea Mongera and Donata Gottardi from UniVr are the three members
Student Game Design Competition The team "SuperSantos Design" from DISI has received the first prize