A wide variety of services are available to help you make your studies more productive and effective.

There are two types of tutoring services offered:

General tutoring

General Tutoring services provide:

  • information about the logistical and administrative organization of UniTrento;
  • information and support regarding usage of the services offered by the university and Opera Universitaria, in particular those offered online;
  • information about cultural, educational and recreational opportunities;
  • information and support for international mobility, internships and the job market; 
  • study plan assistance;
  • first-year student support, and assistance with difficulties in starting the university career;
  • support to actively participate in university life and fruitful lesson attendance; 
  • help for students, in particular working students and student athletes, to access university services and carry out administrative procedures

Tutors can be contacted by email (see useful links box) or are available in each Department/Faculty/Center.

The candidate list for the activities of general tutoring services for 2017-2018 is available in the download section. The number and the scheduling of the services will depend on the effective needs.

Tutoring in Scientific Disciplines 

The specialized tutoring activities provide focused support in certain areas of study that have been identified by the Departments/Centers. This support is intended to help students overcome difficulties/obstacles in their studies and tackle specific subject areas. The activities are organized primarily as work groups and when necessary, are also organized individually. 

All University Departments/Centers have 2 application sessions for tutoring candidates, except the Humanities Department which has only one session:

  • from May 10-June 5 2017 for the specific areas which need tutoring starting from the month of September (application session already closed)
  • from October 18 to November 7 2017 for the the specific areas which need tutoring after the month of November. 

It is possible to apply in both sessions, also for different areas.

The list of successful candidates for scientific areas in the first session is available in the download box. 

Before sending in your application, please carefully read the call for applications (bando).