Research in Trento

The key-principle of the development of research within the University of Trento are three.

UniTrento aims at recruiting young, enthusiastic, qualified and dynamic researchers: these are the main features which form the basis to drive the research guidelines of its departments and centres, towards new and interesting research issues.

Further, it prompts its researchers to create cooperation networks also through specific mobility and cooperation programmes, aimed at reinforcing the research networks which are fundamental both to update the researchers’ training and to request funding to many centres.

UniTrento supports its research structures in a continuative manner, spanning from the planning phase to the drafting of the final financial report, through all stages of the increasingly complex and competitive process to access funding for research projects.

These guiding principles go hand in hand with the local territory of Trentino: a true “living laboratory” on a large scale, in which the public sector plays an important role, being the driving force in terms of innovation and research. The most important stakeholders of the business sector cooperate in the development of innovative ideas. Hence the creation of a triangle of knowledge, which becomes even richer thanks to the direct involvement of the final beneficiaries.

These guidelines bear their fruits: today the University of Trento is the leader of the Italian medium universities, as for quality of research, according to the 2011-2014 Report drafted by ANVUR - the Italian Agency for Research evaluation.

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