APE was founded in the spring of 2014 by four students who wanted to make their personal contribution to university life.

After a long time spent listening to mainstream music on the radio, the founders decided to do something to bring a different idea of music in a small city like Trento with its excellent University full of talented students, and organize events that have nothing to deal with conventional clubs.

This led to an exciting project and to a number of successful initiatives in several places in the city (Bookique, Il Circolino, il Tridente, Posta, to name a few) but also in very inspiring venues like the Cantine Rotari in Mezzocorona and, for the first time since its opening, the MUSE science museum.

After the first two years of work they decided to upgrade the project, to do more than simply organize events, and turned it into a student organization: their purpose is to make APE a larger, solid and well-known organization, that can offer cultural and recreational activities through a myriad of ideas. 

Together with students and the University of Trento we organize events, concerts, exhibitions, cultural trips and sport tournaments: we are always looking for motivated students who would like to share this ambitious project with us.

Our charter states that: “APE is a not for profit organization which does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion or belief.” 

However, if you love electro-swing you will always be one step ahead.