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Are you curious about how the brain works? Ever wondered what your brain looks like? Would you like to find out more about our studies here at CIMeC? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you could be the perfect volunteer to participate in our studies! Our research projects focus on the topics of sight, attention, hearing, and bilingualism and use a variety of research methods including neuroimaging and computer tasks. We are looking for people of all age groups interested in participating in our experiments in Mattarello and Rovereto laboratories.

You will be reimbursed for your time. We offer volunteers the opportunity to understand how we conduct experiments; you will also have the chance to see our laboratories and interact with a young and international research department.

By becoming a volunteer, you can help advance science and our understanding of how the brain works. 

How to take part in an experiment

To become a participant in our experiments, please visit our registration webpage (click on "Sign Up" on the right). Our participant coordinator will request general information about you including contact information, age, gender, and handedness (left/right). This information will be kept in a database available to authorized researchers only. And you are done! After registration you can ask to be removed from the database at any time you wish.
Researchers seeking participants that match your basic information may contact you by email or by phone, to describe the experiment, verify your availability as well as other factors important for the experiment and schedule an appointment.You will receive a symbolic reimbursement for your time participating in an experiment. CIMeC is always looking for new volunteers for our studies, we look forward to having you as a volunteer!


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Where we are

All experiments take place in our laboratories in Rovereto (Corso Bettini 31) or in Mattarello (via delle Regole 101). How to reach us in Mattarello. For a detailed map, click here.




Volontari - CIMeC: Center for Mind/Brain Sciences
via Delle Regole 101, Mattarello (TN)