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International conference on Mountains and waters

The conference is an opportunity to gather scholars from different sciences and geographic and cultural backgrounds, with the aim of discussing different thematic aspects.

In 2010 edition, the focus is particularly set on two main themes: the first one, of specific importance for the hosting region and with a long tradition of dedicated studies, is linked to mountain landscapes; the other theme is set on the different aspects of hydrographic systems.

The meeting is an open forum for scholars belonging to a wide scope of different sciences such as Arts and Humanities, Anthropology, Philosophy, Archeology, Economics and Law, Urban Planning, Engineering and, obviously, Geography and Historical Sciences.

The conference will take place in Trento at Palazzo Geremia, via Belenzani, 20. The 3rd of December afternoon the conference will take place in Trento at Sala degli Affreschi della Biblioteca Comunale, via Roma 55.  An excursion will be organized on December 4th.

Scientific Commitee

Claudio Cerreti
Elena Dai Pra’
Annalisa D’Ascenzo
Graziella Galliano
Carla Masetti
Massimo Quaini
Leonardo Rombai
Francesco Surdich
Vladimiro Valerio

It's warmly recommended to reserve hotel rooms in advance to avoid the risk of unavailability due to incoming local events taking place during conference period


Scientific information
Elena Dai Prà
phone +39 0461 28 1141

Logistical information
Dipartimento Filosofia Storia e Beni Culturali
Trento - P.zza Venezia, 41
phone +39 0461 28 1777