Aim and Topics

The 5th Optoelectronic and Photonic Winter School is dedicated to introduce, examine and review the recent achievements in the field covering fundamentals and devices, materials and technologies.

The school goals are:
– to put the emphasis on the main building blocks towards a silicon photonics: from the light generation to the cmos integration
– to introduce phD students and young researchers to this field and to determine the state of the art of silicon photonics, from the theory to the characterization with a point on the technology
– to be a forum to exchange experiences about new advances and developments in the field thus promoting the scientific exchange between participants and contributors.



        Si PHOTONICS: past and present
        CMOS: basics, front-end and back-end flow overview
        DESIGN and SIMULATION: basics and simulation tools
        PHOTONICS ROADMAPS: market analysis and future trends

Passive devices
        WAVEGUIDES: from the simple guiding to the multi-wavelength systems
        NONLINEAR PHOTONICS: from Raman laser to wavelength conversion
        PHOTONIC CRYSTALS: from the principle to the new advances
        RESONANT CAVITIES: from 1D cavities to microdisks

Active devices
        SOURCES and AMPLIFIERS: from theory to devices (LED, lasers and amplifiers)
        MODULATORS:  principles of operation and main demonstrators
        DETECTORS: from the electrical structures to the integrated systems
        IMAGING: solid-state image sensing with single-photon resolution

        TECHNOLOGY: from a basic physical description of the process to the Photonic/electronic integration strategies
        COUPLING: from fibers to waveguides
        HYBRID PHOTONIC INTEGRATION: III-V sources on Si and new integration concepts

Emerging fields
        PLASMONICS: from basics to devices
        BIO-PHOTONICS APPLICATIONS: lab on chip systems with integrated optics