Some numbers relative to the School:

- 50 participants and 20 speakers attended the School
- about 17 topics/classes and 4 special lectures on the main building blocks of CMOS Photonics were delivered during the week
- 55 Keuro of financial budget (21 Keuro from sponsors and the rest from registration fees)
- 1 poster session with 42 posters
- 1 practical session on design and simulation

Student prizes (half of the registration fee):

- the best 3 posters: E. Gatti (Italy), A. Fucikova (Czech Republic) and  S. Trébaol (France)
- 5 travel grants: M. Rosales (France), K. Zidek (Czech Republic), A. Samarelli (UK),  A. Khanna (Finland) and S. Rao (Italy)
- 6 most active students: G. Piccolo (NED), L. Alloatti (Germany), A. Khanna (Finland), S.K. Selvaraja (Belgium), P. Pintus  (Italy), and K. Zidek (Czech Republic)

We were able to accomplish this hard task only thanks to the generous sponsorship of the companies and institutions that supported this event.

Thank you all for your participation, interests and support.

Enjoy your life

Nicola Daldosso