Thursday, October 23rd, 2008



This workshop relies on the experience carried out in the context of the eGovernment for the Mediterranean countries (eG4M – In particular, the workshop aims to exploit the results from real experiences in the Maghreb area.
The main challenge concerns the development of new methodologies, considering the richness and the variety of the cultural, economic and normative facets of the countries in the area. The impact of new paradigms from the sociological, economic, juridical, organizational and information technology research areas supporting more effective eGovernment initiative are investigated, in order to produce more advanced methodologies and tools suited for the Mediterranean countries and provide improved guidelines deriving from concrete and innovative experiences.
Furthermore, the emerging implications of eGovernment functionalities and applications are discussed in terms of socio-economic impacts of ICT on relationships among citizens, institutions and organizations, within and between Mediterranean countries. The major goal of the analysis is to improve the understanding of these interactive socio-technical processes and of their effects and implications for citizens, business actors and the public body.
This workshop is therefore oriented towards inviting a broad array of research agendas that address these issues.


This workshop will invite and evaluate participant contributions under the following areas:

1.    Presentation of successful eGovernment initiatives in the Maghreb area.
2.    Assessment of the role and the impact of regulations on the eGovernment initiative;
3.    Discussion of methodology and tools supporting the reuse of previous experiences carried out in different Mediterranean countries.
4.    Proposition of assessment framework for the economic analysis of the eGovernment initiatives.
5.    Discussion of the state of development and adoption of advanced technological issues for the eGovernment such as web ontology, semantic web, interoperability, security, web services.
6.    Discussion of the multidisciplinary issues in strategic and operation planning of eGovernment initiatives.

Proposed organization of workshop

The one day workshop will combine short presentations of white papers with cooperative discussion and development of research agendas.


Prof. Carlo Batini, University of Milano-Bicocca
Gianluigi Viscusi (Ph.D.), University of Milano-Bicocca

Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission:    September, 15 - 2008
Acceptance notification:    September, 25 - 2008
Camera-ready copy due:    October, 2 - 2008
Workshop:    October, 23 - 2008


All papers must be submitted via mail to:

The format must be Pdf. Submissions written in English. They should not have been published in a journal or conference proceedings, nor should they currently be under review with another conference or journal. The papers should be no more than 12 pages in length, including the abstract, text, figures, tables, and references. The first page of the paper should include the title, the abstract (not more than 200 words) and 3-5 keywords. Please do not disclose any author information in the manuscript. All texts (excluding title and section headings) must be in 12-point Times New Roman font. The paper must be single-spaced. Please follow the MIS Quarterly format for references, as follows:

Alvesson, M., and Willmott, H. "On the Idea of Emancipation in Management and Organization Studies," Academy of Management Review (17:3), 1992, pp. 432-464.
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Alvesson, M., and Willmott, H. (eds.). Critical Management Studies, Sage Publications, London, 1992.

Accepted papers will be included in the MCIS 2008 web site and in the conference proceedings.

For registration see the website registration page. For further info please contact Gianluigi Viscusi: