ENI AWARD 2019 - Young Researcher of the Year Prize

Data di pubblicazione: 
11 Settembre, 2018
23 Novembre, 2018

Eni is one of the most important, vertically integrated energy companies in the world.

From 2008 Eni has been offering the Eni Award, aimed to promote and award research and technological innovation in the fields of energy and the environment.

The Young Researcher of the Year Prize, one of the six sections of the Eni Award, aims to help new generations of researchers to emerge, supporting their researches and innovations on the various scientific topics promoted by the Eni Award.

The Prizes are awarded to two Ph.D. research theses, defended in Italian Universities, addressing the following topics: action against water, air and land pollution, prevention of climate warming and pollution, rehabilitation and reuse of industrial sites; renewable energy and energy storage; production, transport and use of natural gas; of capture, utilization and sequestration of carbon dioxide as well as of energy efficiency. The theses must have been defended at an Italian University during the same year of the annual Official Announcement, or in the precedent year. The Prize is awarded to students born in or after the year 1986.

Each of the two winners will be awarded with a prize consisting in a specially struck gold medal of the Italian State Mint and the sum of €25,000 (Twenty-five thousand Euros).

The candidature application forms are available on the website:

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