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Teaching Board Functions

The School Teaching Board is composed by full professors, associate professors and researchers with scientific expertise in the Doctoral School’s related research areas.

The Council includes representatives of universities, research centers and companies associated with the doctorate activities. In addition, the School Council includes two elected representatives of the doctoral students: they participate to the Council meetings whenever the general progress of the doctoral programme and the training courses are concerned.

The School Teaching Board:

  • organizes courses and others activities of the School;
  • composes every year the teaching programme, including teaching activities (Manifesto of Study) and calendar;
  • follows the progress of the student’s career;
  • approves the teaching programme of each student, deciding times and methodologies for intermediate exams;
  • designates a tutor belonging to the associated subjects;
  • grants permits to doctoral students for study or research activities abroad, for a periods longer than six months;
  • approves student’s stages organised by Italian or foreign institutes for periods longer than six months;
  • can authorize students for teaching, supplementary activity and extra-curricula activities;
  • approves student’s admission to the following year;
  • presents a judgement report to the Final Examination Committee, concerning each student’s activity;
  • approves the annual reports prepared by the Head of the School;
  • assesses the equipollence between qualifications and degrees required to access the admission test;
  • suggests members of the Selection Commission and of the Board of Examiners to be appointed for the admission test and Dissertation defence, respectively.

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