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The PhD Programme in International Studies

The Ph.D. in International Studies is the flagship programme of the School of International Studies. It brings together leading research departments (Economics and Management, Faculty of Law, Humanities, Sociology and social research) to construct an interdisciplinary research degree. The programme's mission is to produce PhDs able to compete on the international academic job market and to follow careers in international intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations. Access to the programme is open to citizens of any country in possession of a graduate degree in disciplines related to International Studies.

The three-year Ph.D. programme focuses on the study of International Law, International Economics and International Politics and History. It will be composed of about 200 hours of structured coursework, a period of research outside Italy, and a dissertation, written under the supervision of a faculty member. All coursework will be in English and will be taught by members of the university’s multi-national faculty.