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Handbook and Regulations

Handbook of the PhD Programme

The Handbook Contains all the practical information concerning the PhD Programme. It provides much of the information that can be found on these web pages in a handy format.  To download the Handbook, click on the Download box at the bottom of this page. The Handbook is updated frequently, so please check this page regularly.


The PhD programme is governed by three sets of regulations:

  1. The Ministerial Decree of 8 February 2013, n.45 concerning research doctorates (link to Italian decree: http://attiministeriali.miur.it/media/211174/dm_regolamento_corsi_dottorato.pdf  )
  2. The University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes (downloadable from right hand corner ''PhD general descriptions and regulations'')
  3. The Regulations of the PhD Programme in International Studies (downloadable at the bottom of this page)

PhD students are recommended to familiarize themselves with these documents, and in particular with the Regulations of the PhD Programme in International Studies.


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