Projects milestones

  • 14-15 March 2013, Kick-off meeting – Faculty of Law, University of Trento
    An open discussion of ideas on how legal principles not yet applied to Rainbow families could help shape future case-law and legislation. The kick-off is meant to help partners collect suggestions and shape their research plan for the next two years.
  • 2 July 2013, Medically assisted procreation and today’s challenges -University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier
    This one-day workshop  is a part of the international conference of the “European Summer School on Health Law and Bioethics July 1-6 , 2013  Toulouse (France). Full programme will become available on: The overall topic of the two-day international conference is: “Legal and ethical aspects related to the beginning of life”.
  • 24-25 October 2013, The rights of the children in LGBT families - Barcelona (at the premises of Fondation Martí l’Humà -La Garriga)
    Children of same-gender parents suffer discrimination when their relationship is not recognized by the law of the State they live in or of a destination country if they move. Limits to adoption hamper their well-being. This workshop will analyse international and comparative sources that support full recognition of family ties.
  • 14 November 2013, Parenthood and worker’s rights - CGIL Nuovi diritti, Rome
    This one-day workshop will discuss how rainbow families deal with the changing landscape of parental roles and their recognition and how national and European law protects parents at work against discrimination.
  • 7-8 March 2014, Rights on the move Central Training – The Peace Institute, Ljubljana
    A group of legal practitioners will be selected through an open call to attend a two-day training in Slovenia. It will focus on current legal issues involving rainbow families in Europe and address case-law and legislation at the national, European and international level. Participants will then offer training to colleagues of their country of origin.
  • 4-5 June 2014, Moving Forward: The Rights of Rainbow Families in Europe - Belfast
    During the conference, aimed at rainbow families, civil society and public administrations, findings regarding the rights of Rainbow Families across Europe will be presented, with a particular focus on parts of Europe that are particularly vulnerable to discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Rainbow Families, and how these rights are affected as families move between different countries in Europe.
  • 16-17 October 2014, Rights on the move – Rainbow families in Europe – Closing international conference – Faculty of Law, University of Trento
    This two-day conference will present the scientific research outcomes of the project and engage in a discussion on its results. A call for papers and several round-tables will discuss specific fields of analysis and highlight the most important legal challenges rainbow families face. Simultaneous translation is provided for French, Italian and English.