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Doctoral programme
Biomolecular Sciences
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PhD Program

The research topics fall into the main areas of activity of the CIBIO Department, namely:
Cancer Biology & Genomics 
Cell & Molecular Biology 
Microbiology & Synthetic Biology 
Neurobiology & Development

The resources of the PhD program are further supplemented by strong links with local research institutes, including the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK)Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM-CRI), the Institute of Biophysics of CNR (IBF-CNR), and the Microsoft Research and University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI).

Each student is assisted followed by a tutor that is a member of the PhD Committee. The tutor is responsible for introducing the Doctoral students to the research activity of the Program and can mentor the students throughout their individual study plan. Students can also be assigned an advisor who will assist them during their project work.

The educational program is organized in two curricula:

  • Biomolecular Sciences: offering courses on many subjects related to the research expertise of the Department.
  • Bio-Industry: focusing on the process of R&D within biopharmaceutical industries and providing information on patent law, entrepreneurship skills, innovation and start-up creation. The teaching is organized in collaboration with the Department of Economics and with the contribution of international experts.

The current listing of Courses can be accessed here.

All lectures are given in English with instructors from the departments of Physics, Mathematics, Informatics and Communication Technology, and Economics.
Additionally, courses are provided by research centers affiliated with the program, and external experts from Academia and Biotech.
The end result is a well-rounded program incorporating a variety of disciplines and combining fundamental and applied sciences.

Research programs on the following topics are available:
- Biochemistry
- Bioinformatics
- Cancer Genomics
- Computational Biology
- Developmental Biology
 -Gene Therapy
​- Lipidomics and Biomembranes
- Metabolomics and metabolic Imaging
- Microbial Genomics
- Molecular and Cellular Biology
- Molecular Vaccinology
- Molecular Virology
- Nanobiotechnology
- Neurobiology
- Organic Chemistry
- Origins of Life
- Pharmacology
- Synthetic Biology
- Systems Biology


Doctoral Programme in Biomolecular Sciences

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