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The Dissertation

A dissertation is a work of original research, showing the ability of the candidate to offer an innovative perspective on the research topic by entering the academic debate with a critical command and by communicating research findings in an effective way. It is an autonomous and individual piece of research.

The final thesis defence will be held before a Board of Examiners in the candidate's fields nominated by the Rector of the University of Trento acting upon the suggestion of the PhD Programme Committee. The Board will usually be composed of one internal (the supervisor) and two external members. The title of "Doctor of Philosophy in International Studies" will be conferred upon the candidate after a positive assessment of the thesis and Final Examination by the Board of Examiners.

PhD candidates may require to receive on their Diploma the label of Doctor Europaeus if the conditions are met.

The students who ask to go to the final examination in a.y. 2019-20 must submit their dissertation by the end of their third year (31 October 2020) or no later than 7 January 2021. 

Students enrolled in  the 34° cohort have been granted an exstention for up to six months.

Upon submission of the thesis by the candidate, the supervisor will recommend to the PhD Programme Committee several external referees from which the PhD Programme Committee designates two external referees. These examine the dissertation prior to its admission to the Final Examination. The referees write a detailed assessment of the dissertation, deciding on whether it is ready to be defended in the Final Examination, or requires further work to be carried out within a maximum of six months if major corrections or integrations are necessary.
The PhD Programme Committee submits a proposal for a Final Examination Commission to the Rector, which may include the referees.


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