Governing Bodies

Academic Director

The Academic Director is currently Prof. Dr. Stefani Scherer
Vice Director is Dr. Moris Triventi 
The director coordinates and organizes the teaching activities and the administration of the doctoral programme; convenes and chairs the Programme Committee (PhD board) and oversees the implementation of its decisions; authorises the doctoral students to undertake research at partner universities or other institutions and research centres; notifies the relevant administrative offices of unexcused absences of the students and the concomitant suspension of scholarship payments and the eventual expulsion from the doctoral programme; drafts a detailed annual report in the state of the programme in conformity with article 3 of the Ministerial Decree no. 224 of April 30, 1998, to be submitted at the end of each academic year to the University’s evaluation Unit; appoints vice-directors able to act in his/her stead in case of illness or  otherwise motivated absence.


Programme Committee 

Salvatore Abbruzzese,  UniTrento, Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes

Filip Agneessens, Surrey UK, General Sociology 

Marco Albertini, UniBologna Sociology of Economic Processes and Labour

Paolo Barbieri,  UniTrento Sociology of Economic Processes and Labour

Carlo Barone, Siences Po General Sociology

Ivano Bison, UniTrento General Sociology

Paolo Boccagni, UniTrento General Sociology

Massimiano Bucchi, UniTrento Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes

Mario Diani, UniTrento General Sociology

Francesca Decimo,  UniTrento Sociology of Environment and Territory

Luca Fazzi, UniTrento General Sociology

Roberto Franzosi, Emory University USA General Sociology

Giancarlo Gasperoni, UniBologna General Sociology

Ruud Luijkx, Tilburg University NL & Trento University  (Research Fellow) General Sociology

Katia Pilati, UniTrento General Sociology

Enrico Rettore, UniTrento Economic Statistics

Silvia Sacchetti, UniTrento Political Economy

Stefani Scherer, UniTrento General Sociology - director

Antonio Schizzerotto, FBK-Irvapp & UniTrento, General Sociology

Domenico Tosini, UniTrento General Sociology

Moris Triventi, UniTrento General Sociology vice director

Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri, UniTrento General Sociology

Agense Vitali, UniTrento Demography 

former but still active member: Hans Schadee 


The teaching programme is often enriched by visiting professors

in 2019-20 the following persons will enrich our teaching programme: 
Marc Swyngedouw (Leuven, BE)
Luigi Burroni (Florence)
some more to come 

In the academic years 2017-19 these persons contribute to the training of our PhD students: 
John Geary (UDC, IE)
Gianluca Manzo (Gemass, FR)
Daniele Vignoli (Florence) 
Juho Harkonen (EUI)

Henriette Engelhart-Woelfler (Bamberg University, DE)
Anna Manzoni (NC State University, US)
Emanuela Struffolino (WZB Berlin, DE)
Nancy Foner (Hunter College, US)

In recent years the following persons taught in the graduate school

Richard Breen (Nuffield College, Oxford, UK)
Loretta Baldassar (Western Australia, AU)
David Kertzer (Brown University, US)
Jonathan Bright (Oxford Internet Institute, UK)

Peter Kivisto (USA)
Malcom Fairbrother (Bristol, UK)
Daniele Checchi (Milan, IT)
Marc Swyngedouw (Leuven, BE)

Tim Liao (Illinois, US),
Michael Shin (UCLA, US),
Barbara Risman (University of Illinois at Chicago, US),
Tom Slater (Edinburgh, UK),
Loretta Baldassar (Western Australia, AU)

Shin-Kap Han, National University of Seoul
Jörg Bergmann, University of Bielefeld
Letizia Mencarini, University of Turin
Chiara Saraceno, Collegio Carlo Alberto e  University of Turin
Dalit Contini,  University of Turin
Ken Liberman, Department of Sociology University of Oregon


a bit less recently:

Balazs Vedres, Central European University Budapest
Christian Heath, King's College London
Anne Rawls, Bentley College
Neil Joseph Smelser , University of California
Hans-Peter Blossfeld, University of Bamberg
Patricia Yancey Martin , Florida State University
Hartmut Esser , University of Mannheim
Pierre Guillet de Monthoux , University of Stockholm
David Hakken , Indiana University
Anni Borzeix , CNRS - Parigi
Lian Bannon , University of Limerick
Walter Mueller , Mannheimer Zentrum fuer Europaeische Sozialforshung
Raymond Boudon , Université Paris-Sorbonne
Doug McAdam , Stanford University
Gabriele Ballarino, University of Milan
Filippo Barbera, University of Turin
Raimondo Catanzaro, University of Bologna
Piergiorgio Corbetta, University of Bologna
Nicola Negri, University of Turin



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