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During the years of the doctoral programme, students learn how to systematically combine - classical and contemporary - theoretical reflection with both qualitative and quantitative empirical research. Trento’s doctoral programme in Sociology has a long-standing tradition of emphasising theoretically informed empirical research.

To this end, the programme aims to support the students’ in-depth study of sociological theory, by means of a direct and detailed comparison of the classic texts and the contemporary debates, as well as by the teaching of the methodology of social science research and the main techniques of research and empirical analysis. Our teaching programme is often integrated by international experts on specific topics.

The first year is mainly dedicated to (mandatory) courses, assignments and the development of the research project. During the second, third and fourth (from 2017-18 onwards) year the doctoral students focus on research for their dissertation. Usually, students pass a longer period abroad and integrate their curriculum with specific courses/seminars or summer/winter schools. 
Details on courses and assignments can be found in the Handbook. First year courses are mandatory.

The doctoral programme in Sociology and Social Research reserves itself the right to organize preparatory courses and specialised crash courses starting in October.

Admission to the Final Exam/Defence

In order to be admitted to the thesis defence, students must have:

  • successfully taken part in the mandatory and specialisation courses; 
  • obtained positive evaluation on assignments and the overall progress
  • obtained a positive evaluation of their dissertation by their supervisors and, subsequently, the School Committee.

Please refer to the "rules" to learn about intermediate steps, assignments and evaluations during the four years. 


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