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Some of the recent pubblications by our PhD students (we collect pubblications up to two years after thesis defense)  

2023 and forthcoming

Loner, E., Fattorini, E., & Bucchi, M. (2023). The role of science in a crisis: Talks by political leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. PLOS ONE, 18(3): e0282529. 

Joubert, M., Guenther, L. , Metcalfe, J., Riedlinger, M., Chakraborty, A., Gascoigne, T., Schiele, B., Baram-Tsabari, A., Malkov, D., Fattorini, E., et al. (2023). ‘Pandem-icons’ — exploring the characteristics of highly visible scientists during the Covid-19 pandemic. JCOM – Journal of Science Communication, 22(1).


Lievore, I. and Triventi, M. (2022). Do Teacher and Classroom Characteristics Affect the Way in which Girls and Boys are Graded? A Multilevel Analysis of Student–Teacher Matched Data. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 44(1):97-122.

Lievore, I. and Triventi, M. (2022). Social Background and School Track Choice: An Analysis Informed by the Rational Choice Framework. Acta Sociologica. 65(2):111-129. 

Acconcia, A., Perego, A., and Perini, L. (2022). LGBTQ activism in repressive contexts: the struggle for (in)visibility in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey. Social Movement Studies, 1-19.

Bucchi, M., Fattorini, E., & Saracino, B. (2022). Public Perception of COVID-19 Vaccination in Italy: The Role of Trust and Experts’ Communication. International Journal of Public Health, 67:1604222.

Fischer, D. (forthcoming): "Die parlamentarische und strafrechtliche Aufarbeitung der NoG20-Proteste", in Malthaner, S. and Teune, S. (eds.), Eskalation. Dynamiken der Gewalt im Kontext der G20-Proteste in Hamburg 2017. Hamburg: Hamburger Edition.

Hoebel, T. and Fischer, D. (forthcoming): "Politische Organisationen", in Apelt, M. and Tacke, V. (eds.), Handbuch Organisationstypen. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.


Perego, A. (2021). Latin American Asylum Seekers in Spain during the Process of Credibility Assessment. In Queer Migration and Asylum in Europe, edited by Richard Mole. London: UCL Press, 132-161.

Fischer, D. (2021): "Unintended but Consequential? The NoG20 Protests in Hamburg and the Introduction of a Police Identification Statute", in: Participation and Conflict, 14:3, pp. 1076-1101. DOI: 10.1285/i20356609v14i3p107.

Zamberlan, A., Gioachin, F., & Gritti, D. (2021). Work less, help out more? The persistence of gender inequality in housework and childcare during UK COVID-19. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 73, 100583.

Nerino, V. (2021). Tricked into Supporting: A Study on Computational Propaganda Persuasion Strategies. Italian Sociological Review, 11.

Corti, G., Scherer, S. (2021) Mating Market and Dynamics of Union Formation. European Journal of Population.

Corti, G., & Pisati, M.(2021) Marriage choices, social homogamy and modernization in Milan, 1890-1899 and 1950-1959, The History of the Family, 26:3, 353-376, DOI: 10.1080/1081602X.2021.1888767

Martinelli, M., Veltri, G. A., (2021), Do cognitive styles affect vaccine hesitancy? A dual-process cognitive framework for vaccine hesitancy and the role of risk perceptions. Social Science & Medicine 289(36):114403.


Bucchi, M., Loner, E., & Fattorini, E. (2019). Give science and peace a chance: Speeches by Nobel laureates in the sciences, 1901-2018. PLOS ONE, 14(10): e0223505.

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Oncini, F. (2019). Feeding Distinction: Economic and Cultural Capital in the Making of Food Boundaries. Poetics.

Virdia, S., & Schindler, S. (2019). Educational upgrading, career advancement, and social inequality development from a life-course perspective in Germany. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.


Ciordia, Alejandro (2018) "The Effects of Kobane in the Reconfiguration of the Popular Geopolitical Codes of Turkey’s Kurdish Movement", Turkish Studies (

VEZZONI, Cristiano & Ciordia, Alejandro (2018) "BASKETBALL: A WORLD IN A WORD -Come lo sport può divenire un mezzo di integrazione", in M. Ambrosini, P. Boccagni, & S. Piovesan (eds.) L’immigrazione in Trentino: Rapporto annuale 2017, pp. 179-202. Trento: Cinformi (

Oncini, F. (2018). The holy gram: strategy and tactics in the primary school canteen. Journal of contemporary ethnography, 47(5), 640-670.

Oncini, F., & Guetto, R. (2018). Cultural capital and gender differences in health behaviours: A study on eating, smoking and drinking patterns. Health Sociology Review, 27(1), 15-30.

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Conference papers

Grotti, R., with Scherer, S  paper presentation. “The long-term consequences of job-loss for households income position and overall economic inequality. Evidence from Germany and the US” - ECSR Conference, Tallinn 2015 (Oct. 2015)

Mari, G., with Stefani Scherer, Gabriele Mari, Giorgio Cutuli, Ruud Luijkx, paper presentation “The insider disease: Occupational consequences of unwarranted labour market segmentation in Italy" - ECSR Conference, Tallinn 2015 (Oct. 2015) and ISA-RC28 Conferences Tilburg; NL“Social Inequality, Cohesion and Solidarity” (May 2015)

Passaretta G., Wolbers M.H.J. 2015 "Temporary employment at labour market entry in Europe: labour market dualism, transitions to secure employment, and upward mobility" - ECSR Conference, Tallinn 2015 (Oct. 2015) and Ratio colloquium for young social scientists, Stockholm,  (Aug, 2015)

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