What are a Start up, a Research Start up and a Students Start up?  

They are new entrepreneurial initiatives conceived and developed in order to valorize research results carried out and/or skills acquired in the university environment; Startups  staff has a close link with the University.

The University of Trento provides:

  • working spaces and the use of services/equipment under a specific agreement with the host academic structure;
  • support in business planning and feasibility plans (also involving external entities); 
  • information and assistance about funding instruments; 
  • information and assistance on enterprise creation; 
  • information and support on Intellectual Property protection; 
  • patronize and use of the UniTrento logo; 
  • institutional link with professors and research groups; 
  • assistance in pre-incubation and market-potential assessment studies (also involving external entities); 
  • possible entry into the company by the University with capital investment.