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Earth at night from space

PhD Programme

Italy has a long tradition in space science and technology and has developed a complete chain of activities linking university education, academic and private research, and industrial activities. Italian public investment in space has increased in recent years. Space is an area where the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) invests significant resources: in this context MUR and ASI have launched a national call for an Extended Partnership dedicated to the development of basic space science and technology.

Space is a multidisciplinary field that requires specific education and training. A National PhD Program dedicated to Spaces Science and Technology is therefore timely, strategic and well justified, bringing together scientific and technological expertises, Universities and Research Institutions, Academia and Industry.

The training topics related to space activities cover different areas what makes the National PhD Program approach particularly effective, as training content, from the many universities and research organizations involved, can be shared, thus ensuring quality and excellence in content and at the same time a wide variety of training profiles for PhD students.