There are several courses organised by the School that students may attend depending on individual curriculum.
All courses will be held at the Department of Mathematical except where differently indicated.

Provisional calendar of the institutional courses for the academic year 2018/19.

N.B:  this schedule may change.




February-May  Set Theory  Stefano Baratella 


Proofs and Computations 

Peter Schuster
Daniel Wessel 

February-May Advanced Group Theory Andrea Caranti


Representation Theory

Lidia Angeleri
Francesca Mantese

November-February  Homological Methods in Representation Theory Lidia Angeleri
December-May Categorical Methods in Algebra and Geometry

Ryo Takahashi
Peter Arndt
Jorge Vitoria

February-May  Algebraic Geometry II Luis E. Sola Conde
November-December Geometric Analysis Lorenzo Mazzieri
February-May Geometric Measure Theory Francesco Serra Cassano
January-March Mean Field Games and Optimal Transport

Fabio Bagagiolo
Antonio Marigonda

February-May Bayesian Statistics

Pier Luigi Novi Inverardi
Claudio Agostinelli

10-23 June Empirical Processes and Applications in Statistics

Claudio Agostinelli
Anand N. Vidyashankar

11-22 February Stochastic Processes for Actuarial Sciences

Stefano Bonaccorsi
Ermanno Pitacco

February-May Topics in the Mathematical Physics of Quantum Theories Romeo Brunetti
February-May  Mathematical Physics Enrico Pagani
February-May Scientific Computing Michael Dumbser
January An introduction to Dynamic, Linear, and Integer Linear Programming Romeo Rizzi
March-May Numerical Modeling

Ana Maria Alonso Rodriguez
David Mac Taggart

February-May Advanced Coding Theory and Cryptography Edoardo Ballico
April-May  Introduction to Entanglement and Quantum Information Sonia Mazzucchi
September-December  Tensor Decomposition for Big Data Analysis Alessandra Bernardi
15-19 April An Introduction to Network Science Alex Arenas
April-May Nonlinear infinite dimensional stochastic equations Viorel Barbu