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Doctoral Programme in Physics

The Doctoral Programme in Physics is designed to train students to carry out autonomous, original, and rigorous scientific research, required for highly-qualified activities in a variety of work environments. The Doctoral Programme offers a European doctoral qualification, according to the regulations laid down in the Declaration of the Confederation of EU Rectors' Conferences.

The Doctoral Programme is of three-year duration and admission is by selection; research and study activities are envisaged, which include attending courses and seminars.

The Doctoral Programme is organized by the Physics Department.

The following local research institutions are partners of the Doctoral Programme, offering teaching and research support as well as sponsoring individual fellowships on specific research topics:

  • TIFPA-INFN  - Trento Institute of Fundamental Physics and Applications of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics
  • SD -FBK -  Center for Sensors a& Devices, Fondazione "Bruno Kessler"
  • IMEM-FBK - Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism of the Fondazione "Bruno Kessler"
  • ECT*-FBK - European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas of the Fondazione "Bruno Kessler"
  • BEC-INO-CNR - Pitaevskii Center for Bose-Einstein Condensation
  • IBF-CNR-FBK - Institute of Biophysics, unit of Trento, joint with Fondazione "Bruno Kessler"
  • IFN-CNR-FBK - Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies, unit of Trento, joint with Fondazione "Bruno Kessler"


The main research activities of the Physics Department are internationally recognised, and are organised in the following laboratories:

Each doctoral student will address a selected research subject and will be part of a research team. The activities will be performed under the guidance of a scientific supervisor, who is a staff member of the Department or one of the partner institutions, and is a leading scientist in the selected research topic at international level.
The many seminars, workshops and conferences regularly organised at the Department and the other local research institutions provide a dynamic and stimulating framework.



Doctoral Programme in Physics

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