The University of Trento and the Provincial Health Care Service (APSS) have agreed that as a student who is not resident in the Province of Trento ("studente fuori sede") you can receive primary care in Trentino through local physicians.

You will however maintain your physician of choice in the healthcare system (ASL) of your region of residence. 

In order to take advantage of medical care, you must be enrolled in a university programme.

The service is available to all students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, single-cycle and PhD programmes.

Below is the list of primary care physicians who have made themselves available to provide care free of charge, and their contact information to make an appointment.

List of physicians

Trento area

  • Gasparrini Gasparrino: gasparrino.gasparrini [at] - 3488592714
    English speaker: Yes 
  • Giovanazzi Gabriella Elisa: ggiovi11 [at] - 0461263572 
    English speaker: Yes  
  • Latina Mauro: mauro.latina [at] - 3518810439   
    English speaker: Yes
  • Oddo Bruno: bruno.oddo [at] - 388 3852819
    English speaker: Yes
  • Tripicchio Leopoldo: leopoldotripicchio [at] - 3939663494    
    English speaker: Yes

Rovereto area

  • Antonuccio Salvatore: salvatoreantonuccio86 [at] - 0464891058    
    English speaker: Yes
  • Polizzi Leonardo: segreteria [at] - 0464089454    
    English speaker: Yes

How to receive medical assistance

Book an appointment with a doctor and present the self-declaration that proves that you are a student (see template below). The self-declaration is required to receive free medical assistance.

application/pdfAutodichiarazione da consegnare al medico(PDF | 337 KB)

If you choose a practitioner who is not on the list

If you request the assistance of a medical practitioner who is not on the above list, pay for the medical examination (€ 20.00 for an outpatient visit, € 35.00 for a home visit) and keep the receipt you will be issued.
To obtain a reimbursement, contact the Ufficio Prestazioni of the APSS of the practitioner you consulted (Trento or Vallagarina-Rovereto) or the Healthcare System of your region of residence (for Italian students).

If you want to temporarily register with APSS

If you do not want to take advantage of the agreement between UniTrento and Apss, you can temporarily register with APSS (for a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 12 months).
In this way however, you will lose access to your primary care physician of the healthcare system (ASL) of your region of residence. This means that you will not be able to contact your primary care physician in your region of residence while you are registered with APSS.

If you are not a resident of Italy

If you are a EU student, you can find information at the Health insurance for EU students page.

If you are a non-EU student, you can find information about insurance coverage on the Health insurance for non-EU students page.