Tesi in corso

  • Approfondimento su specifiche tecnologie di trattamento reflui civili

  • Microbial fuel cells

  • Micro alghe per la depurazione dei reflui

  • Gestione piccoli impianti di fitodepurazione



Tesi dottorato

Cocârţă Diana Mariana - Public health impact from waste-to-energy plants
Cordeiro Angela - 2013 - On the use of Constructed Wetlands in mountain regions: innovative tools and configurations - link
Dallago Loris - Application of Respirometric Techniques to the Biological Stabilization Process of Organic Waste
Devendra Prakash Saroj - Application and operational optimization of membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment
Ferrai Martina - Experimental assessment and modeling of substrates removal in MBBR
Ferrarese Elisa - Electrochemical oxidation of soils contaminated with organic pollutants
Ferrentino Roberta - 2016 - Anaerobic side-stream reactor: a sustainable solution for sewage sludge reduction - link
Guglielmi Giuseppe - Membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment
Ionescu Gabriela - 2012 - Critical analysis of pyrolysis and gasification applied to waste fractions with growing energetic content - link
Langone Michela - 2013 - Simultaneous Partial Nitritation, Anammox and Denitrification (SNAD) process for treating ammonium rich wastewater - link
Limoli Alice - 2019 - Sustainable landfilling of municipal solid waste - link
Manh Vu Van - Determination of specific kinetic parameters of activated sludge process for treatment of tannery wastewater
Mancuso Giuseppe - 2017 - Enhancement of wastewater and sludge treatment processes by hydrodynamic cavitation - link
Merzari Fabio - 2018 - Hydrotemal Process Applied to sludge Reduction - link
Rada Elena Cristina - Municipal solid waste bio-drying before energy generation
Rubol Simonetta - 2010 - The influence of redox dynamics on nitrogen cycling and nitrous oxide emissions from soils - link
Schiavon Marco - 2016 - Development of criteria for the minimization of the impacts of underestimated pathways of human exposure to atmospheric pollutants - link
Sibisi Nomathamsanqa N.S. - Development of an anaerobic digestion strategy for the OFMSW treatment and its co-digestion with sewage sludge
Tamburini Sabrina - 2013 - Molecular and cellular effects of supercritical carbon dioxide on some important food-borne pathogens - link
Vian Marco - Reduction of sewage sludge production by combining anaerobic hydrolysis with high pressure homogenization or electrochemical oxidation

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