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CIMeC Colloquium Series

The Doctorate in Cognitive and Brain Science's Series of Colloquia

Announcing the 2023-2024 April Colloquium Speaker

ONLINE Thursday, April 11, 2024 4 p.m.

Quantifying Economy in Brain Networks

Professor Dani S. Bassett, J. Peter Skirkanich Professor, University of Pennsylvania

The human brain is organized as a network of interconnected components in the form of neural units, ensembles, areas, and regions. Across a range of spatial scales, that network is neither perfectly ordered nor perfectly random. Its heterogeneous organization supports complex activity dynamics while simultaneously constraining such dynamics. How does this constraint affect the cost of activity flow? In this talk, I will discuss the notion of network economy: the idea that the brain's network organization partially determines the cost of reaching a brain state, maintaining a brain state, and transitioning between brain states. I will draw ideas and examples from the field of network control theory, which provides a framework for calculating energy costs associated with network systems reaching, maintaining, and transitioning among brain states. The discussion will focus on basic principles and intuitions, and will point listeners to code repositories, primers, and methodological studies they might find useful in implementing the approach. I will close by broadening out to discuss how principles of network economy can inform our study of cognitive effort and executive function, as well as cognitive changes associated with neurodevelopment. 

The CIMeC Colloquia Series is an annual set of invited talks given by leading researchers in the mind/brain sciences, both from Italy and abroad, aimed principally at our PhD Students. Given the multi-disciplinary backgrounds of the CIMeC students and researchers, the Colloquia are aimed at a general scientific level rather than at a more specialized audience. Colloquia usually take place on the first Thursday of each month except August.
The 2023/24 Colloquium Committee: Elisa Pasquini, Matteo De Matola, Davide Mazzaccara. 
Academic Councilor: Dr. Moritz Wurm
2023-2024 academic year Colloquium speakers

Karl J. Friston Scientific Director: Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, Institute of Neurology, UCL The Physics of Sentience - November 9

Christoph Zrenner Scientist, Neurologist Center for Addiction and Mental Health Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention Personalised therapeutic brain stimulation with closed-loop EEG-synchronized TMS - December 7

Eric-Jan Wagenmakers Professor, University of Amsterdam Robustness Reports: An Initiative to Prevent Model Myopia by Consilience of Inductions - February 1

Michael S. Graziano Professor, Princeton University A Conceptual Framework for Consciousness - April 4

2022-2023 academic year Colloquium speakers

Yaoda Xu Yale University - Understanding visual object representations in human occipito-temporal and posterior parietal cortices and convolutional neural networks

Lisa Giocomo Stanford University - Learning and adapting the structure of spatial maps

Earl K. Miller MIT - Cognition is an emergent property

Stefanie Hoehl University of Vienna - How do infants learn? Neural oscillations shed light on infant attention & learning

Bratislav Misic McGill University - Tools for multi-scale, multi-modal annotation of brain networks

Nicolas Schuck University of Hamburg - Learning and replay of state representations in the human brain

Marlene Behrmann University of Pittsburgh Medical School - Hemispheric organization in humans: two hemispheres, one mind

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte Columbia University - Neural network models as mechanistic explanations of brain information processing

Giacomo Rizzolatti Parma University - The mirror brain: past, present, and future

Nancy Kanwisher MIT - Functionally Specific Cortical Regions in Humans:  What Others and Why These?




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