The CIMeC Colloquia Series is an annual set of invited talks given by leading researchers in the mind/brain sciences, both from Italy and abroad, aimed principally at our PhD Students. Given the multi-disciplinary backgrounds of the CIMeC students and researchers, the Colloquia are aimed at a general scientific level rather than at a more specialized audience.


JUNE 4, 2020 4:00 p.m. - Zoom online seminar

SPEAKER: Alexandre Pouget - Full Professor at the University of Geneva, Computational Neuroscience Group Leader 

TITLE:  The agony of choice 

ABSTRACT: Most of what we understand of the neural basis of perceptual and decision making is currently limited to binary choices based on a single source of evidence whose reliability is fixed over time. In contrast, real life decisions often involve multiple choices and multiple sources of evidence with unknown time varying reliability. I will present a pair of studies in which we have started to explore the neural basis of these realistic decisions.  I will start by presenting a neural theory of optimal decision making for 3 or more choices which explains in particular why people agonize when choosing among equally good options. In the second half of the presentation, I'll present a model of Bayesian multisensory decision making based on the theory of probabilistic population codes. I'll show that this theory is consistent with the population response of parietal area LIP in monkeys trained to perform optimal multisensory integration.


2019-2020 Academic Year Colloquia:

Marco Perugini - Professor of Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca - The signal and the noise: Implications of the replicability crisis on research practices (November 2019)

Leonardo Chelazzi Full Professor of Physiology, University of Verona - Plasticity of Spatial Priority Maps: The Role of Reward and Statistical Learning (February 2020)


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