The CIMeC Colloquia Series is an annual set of invited talks given by leading researchers in the mind/brain sciences, both from Italy and abroad, aimed principally at our PhD Students. Given the multi-disciplinary backgrounds of the CIMeC students and researchers, the Colloquia are aimed at a general scientific level rather than at a more specialized audience.


JUNE 25, 2020 4:00 p.m. - Zoom online seminar

SPEAKER: Pieter R. Roelfsema - Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam 

TITLE: Interactions between visual cortical neurons for perception and restoring them for the blind 

ABSTRACT: Our results implicate early visual cortex in visual cognition - in tasks where subjects reason about what they see. I will discuss new evidence supporting the hypothesis that the activity in early visual areas has a causal role in cognition. I will discuss how the neuronal responses emerge as the interaction between brain areas, with a special role for specific classes of interneurons. The early visual cortex acts as a multiscale cognitive blackboard for read and write operations by higher visual areas, which can thereby efficiently exchange information. These results also inspire new approaches to create a visual prosthesis for the blind, by direct interfacing with the visual cortex. I will discuss how high-channel-number interfaces with the visual cortex might be used to restore a rudimentary form of vision in blind individuals.


2019-2020 Academic Year Colloquia:

Marco Perugini - Professor of Department of Psychology, University of Milano-Bicocca - The signal and the noise: Implications of the replicability crisis on research practices (November 2019)

Leonardo Chelazzi - Full Professor of Physiology, University of Verona - Plasticity of Spatial Priority Maps: The Role of Reward and Statistical Learning (February 2020)
Alexandre Pouget - University of Geneva, Switzerland - The agony of choice (June 2020)


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