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2024 Topic-Specific Grants and Descriptions

2024 topic-specific grant for 1 "assegnista di ricerca" position

1. The contribution of active movements of the sound source in spatial hearing for cochlear implant users (1 position)

Spatial hearing is critical for orientation in space and navigation. It furthermore helps to selectively direct attention to relevant sound cues in complex acoustic situations. The loss of spatial hearing as a result of deafness not only leads to a reduced quality of life, but also contributes to potential danger in everyday situations. The PhD project is part of the multidisciplinary MSCA Doctoral Network 'CherISH', Cochlear Implants and Spatial Hearing (CORDIS; CherISH website), that combines approaches from medicine, biomedical engineering and psychology to optimally  improve the restoration of hearing after deafness by combining next generation’s cochlear implant (CI) technology with innovative rehabilitation approaches. The PhD project DC7, will examine to what extent and under which neurocognitive principles acting upon sounds and acting to  move sounds in space can change perceptual and meta-cognitive experiences of sound position. In addition, you will study how this active approach to spatial hearing could be exploited when aiming to re-learn or consolidate sound localization skills, especially in cochlear implant users.  The DC (Doctoral Candidate) will be contractually employed for 48 months by University of Trento (36 months paid by the CherISH project, and 12 months paid by the University of Trento) and will be covered under the Italian social security scheme. This research will be carried out as a doctoral candidate within the PhD programme in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Therefore, in addition to their individual scientific projects, the successful candidate will benefit from further continuing education, which includes a variety of training modules, as well as  courses on transferable skills and active participation in workshops and Conferences. Secondment periods are anticipated.

Supervisor: Francesco Pavani. Corresponding research areas: Attention, Brain sciences, Cochlear implants, Cognitive processes, Deafness, Experimental psychology, Multisensory perception, Neuroplasticity, Neuropsychology, Psychology, Spatial perception, Spatial representation