only for Italian citiziens

The Fulbright Program was established to promote study, research and teaching in Italy and the United States through scholarships for Italian and US citizens, so increasing mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. In Italy, the programme has started in 1948 with the first agreement signed between the US Department of State and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the establishment of the Commission for cultural exchanges between Italy and the United States (The US-Italy Fulbright Commission).

The University of Trento provides an information service on Fulbright scholarships for study in the US.
Fulbright scholarships are targeted to Italian citizens and shall be used for:

  • research projects (Fulbright Research Scholar);
  • teaching duties in the US (Distinguished Lecturer)
  • other programmes

Fulbright Research Scholar

The Fulbright Research Scholar scholarships for research projects in an American university are available for the following projects:

  • Research Scholar for university researchers, scholars and associate professors for a research period of 6-9 months in an American university;

Within the Reasearch, see also the following programmes:

  • Fulbright-NIAF-Georgetown for research or teaching periods in the educational fields at Georgetown University (for reaserchers and post-doc)
  • Fulbright- Florida Polytechnic University in Egineering (computer science, computer engineering, data science, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, and autonomous vehicles). 
  • Schuman Program for research projects analyzing a specific topic under a EU-US comparative perspective.

Distinguished Lecturer

The Distinguished Lecturer scholarships offer the opportunity of a teaching period of 3-5 months in the field of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in an American university that provides Fulbright Chairs in Italian Studies (Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame e University of Pittsburgh).

Within the Teaching, see also the following programme:

How to apply:
The content calls are managed by the Commission for cultural exchanges between Italy and the United States. For further information about the requirements and the application procedures,  please see each specific category call on the Fulbright webpage.