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PhD title award

By the end of the third year the PhD student submits the request to admission to the final examination. 
Students applying for the final exam, who have not published any paper should submit to the Doctoral School Committee a detailed abstract of the thesis together with the report on the activity carried out during the third year.

The Doctoral school committee, taking into account the opinion of the tutor and the reports on the research activity presented both by the tutor and by the PhD student himself, expresses an evaluation on the scientific value of the results achieved and, in case of a positive one, identifies two or more referees in accordance to art. 31 of the University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes.

In case of positive evaluation of the thesis by the referees and within a month from the acquisition of their analytical judgment, the Doctoral School Committee shall appoint the members of the Commission for the final examination in accordance with art. 32 of the University Regulations concerning PhD.
The final exam is held in accordance with art. 33 and Art. 34 of the University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes and with the guidelines decided by the Doctoral school committee and communicated to the members of the Final examination Committee.

If the candidate belongs to International programmes agreements or to Co-tutored PhD programmes (“co-tutelle de these”), the Examination Committee and regulations are defined according to the agreement made with the partner university. 


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