The first 50 years of the University of Trento

The University of Trento was founded by Bruno Kessler in 1962 as a Higher University Institute for Social Sciences and, since then, the University has made great strides forward.

In 1972, the Faculty of Sciences was founded and, in 1973, after the University had become a “Libera University” (Free University), the Faculty of Economics was founded. In 1983, the “Libera Università” became a Public University, and in the next two years, three Faculties were founded: Humanities, Law and Engineering. The last Faculty to be founded was the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences in 2004.

The last change made was in 2012, when the Faculties and Research Departments were replaced by organisations that bring together teaching and research: they are 11 Departments and 4 University Centres.

50 years are just the first step in a direction that offers great hopes for the future. There are many propositions for the future: to monitor and evaluate teaching and research in order to increase even more the level of competitiveness, to concentrate on the excellence of research and teaching, and to expand internationalisation.

To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, the University organised a series of study and research events that retrace those years, beginning from the analysis and the story of the University’s origins, using documentary sources. These events have been posted on a website: 50 years of Unitn and on a Facebook page.



since 2021 

Rector Flavio Deflorian Flavio Deflorian

2014 - 2021

Rector Paolo Collini Paolo Collini

2013 - 2014

Rector Daria de Pretis Daria de Pretis


Interim deputy Rector Aronne Armanini Aronne Armanini

2004 - 2013

Rector Davide Bassi Davide Bassi

1996 - 2004

Rector Massimo Egidi Massimo Egidi

1990 - 1996

Rector Fulvio Zuelli Fulvio Zuelli

1978 - 1990

Rector Fabio Ferrari Fabio Ferrari

1977 - 1978

Rector Ezio Clementel Ezio Clementel

1972 - 1978

Rector Paolo Prodi Paolo Prodi

1970 - 1972

Director Guido Baglioni Guido Baglioni


Director Norberto Bobbio Norberto Bobbio

1968 - 1970

Director Francesco Alberoni Francesco Alberoni

1962 - 1968

Director Mario Volpato Mario Volpato