Childcare centre

The University of Trento offers its employees the opportunity to enrol their children in the corporate childcare centre. The purpose of the childcare centre is to offer the maximum degree of flexibility possible to satisfy the employees’ needs.
The centre is located in Via Santa Margherita n° 13 inTrento.

Catering services

Catering services are available for staff at a special price; vouchers are released by the Human resources division (Direzione Risorse Umane e Organizzazione).


University employees are given free access to the University’s parking lots, subject to availability.

Transport benefits

The University has signed an agreement with Trentino Trasporti SpA and Trenitalia under which its personnel is entitled to a 30% discounted rate on the purchase of one-year season tickets for local transportation and to other special prices for other types of transportation.

Scholarships for family members

A number of scholarships are available for the University’s employees family members, in particular for their children attending grade school or participating in study programmes abroad.

Financial aid

University employees may apply for non-recoverable grants when they are in need of special help to meet unexpected expenses for the family’s average income. The expense may concern the employees or their families. Non recoverable grants are disbursed for the following reasons:

  • medical bills and other expenses for disabled family members
  • dental care
  • theft and pickpocketing
  • deaths
  • other exceptional events.

INPDAP loans

The employees of the University of Trento have the opportunity to apply for an INPDAP loan on the base of a number of different financing plans.
The loans can be:

  • On a one-year, two-year or four-year basis (“Piccolo prestito”, small amounts)
  • Multiannual direct loans (“Cessione del quinto dello stipendio”, salary-backed loans)
  • Multiannual ensured loans
  • Mortgages

Family allowance

Employees receive the family allowance, provided they have applied for it, together with their monthly salary.

Working hours

Employees have a working week of 36 hours, usually on 5 working days, with breaks agreed with the supervisor of each department or centre.

Changing from part-time to full-time work

Employees of the University of Trento may request to switch from part-time to full-time employment by presenting their application to the Head of Human Resources and forwarding the request to the Ufficio Personale TA e Servizi Complementari.

Types of part-time employment
Under part-time working arrangements employees usually work 30, 24, 18 or 12 hours a week.

Pay-sheets and CUD forms

All the employees of the University of Trento may access their pay-sheets and CUD forms on-line through the “cedolino on-line” service.

CLA - The University Language Centre

Visit the website for further information.

Recreational activities

The University promotes and encourages leisure activities for its technical and administrative staff, faculty members and researchers, and students. These include both sport and cultural activities that are offered by the Circolo Ricreativo dell'Università (CRU) and the UniTrento Sport - Università di Trento Sports Network

INPDAP social activities

INPDAP offers its members a range of social services besides the well-known pension services.

Emails containing complaints, advice or other considerations on DRUO services can be sent to:
OsservazioniDRUO [at]