The system of trade union relations takes into consideration the different roles and responsibilities that belong to the university administration and to trade unions. The purpose of this system is to ensure the interests of the staff and to improve working conditions and promote professional growth, while enhancing the quality, efficiency and adequacy of the services offered by the various offices.

The University delegation is made up of the Rector or his delegate and the General Director or his delegate.

The Union delegation is composed of staff representatives and of representatives of the relevant local trade unions that have signed the national collective agreement.

The debate between the two delegations includes the following:

  • integrative collective bargaining;
  • information;
  • discussion;
  • consultation.

University Delegation

  • The Rector’s delegate, professor Giorgio Bolego
  • The Director General’s delegate, Mario Depaoli

Personnel of the University Delegation

  • Rudi Aste
  • Gianmarco Tomasi

The personnel of the University Delegation is in charge of the following:

  • manages the relationships with the trade unions representatives, as a mediator of the University Delegation;
  • manages the information flow towards the Union delegation and the correct dissemination of the agreements among interested people;
  • act as a support office for decentralized bargaining (to convene meetings, draft the minutes, prepare documents) to help the Rector and the Director General or their delegates in their duties.

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