Work-Life Balance

In recent years, the University of Trento has implemented a significant number of work-life balance policies and tools, as they can contribute to the well-being and quality of life of its members.

Among these are, in particular:

  • a child care centre, which opened in 2006
  • work from home schemes, for all staff members
  • flexible working hours for parents, while working hours are already very flexible for all
  • parenting support services
  • protected spaces for health issues and breastfeeding at many facilities
  • summer camps for the children of staff members during the summer school holidays
  • economic benefits for the education of staff members' children, from kindergarten to secondary schools
  • open days at university facilities for the family members and friends of UniTrento staff members
  • membership in the Trento Family District.

Among the actions that demonstrate the University's commitment to work-life balance is the Family Audit certification. UniTrento was the first Italian university to obtain it.

Family audit 

“Family Audit” is a certification that organizations can obtain if they demonstrate that they care about reconciling the work and family life of their employees.
In order to obtain it, organizations must pass an audit by a registered auditor with the Family Audit Standard. In Italy, the certifying institution and owner of the standard is the Autonomous Province of Trento.
For more information on the Family Audit standard, the various phases of the project, the stakeholders involved and the tools available, please visit the Family Audit website.

Family audit  and the University of Trento

The University of Trento, to obtain and maintain the Family Audit certificate, undertakes to identify and implement actions that allow the reconciliation of work and family life for its members through instruments and policies.

In particular, the University adopts an Activity Plan that includes the following areas of interest:

  • the organization of work: timetables, work procedures, working environments
  • the culture of reconciliation: staff development
  • communication: information and communication tools
  • benefits and services: financial aid, family services
  • new technologies and new ICT services

With these actions, the University of Trento aims to promote the real implementation of equal opportunities in the University, and to obtain a certification that proves its commitment for the well-being of its employees, while stimulating other organizations to follow its best practices, even on an experimental basis.

Current initiatives

Visit the Italian page for information on current initiatives. 

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