Work-life balance

The University of Trento strongly supports policies that reconcile professional, private and family life.

Family audit 

“Family Audit” is a certification that organizations can obtain if they demonstrate that they care about reconciling the work and family life of their employees.

To obtain the certification, organizations must pass an audit by a registered auditor with the Family Audit Standard. In Italy, the certifying institution and owner of the standard is the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Family audit  and the University of Trento

With the adoption of the 2014-2016 Plan of Positive Actions for Equal Opportunities, the University of Trento decided to participate in the Family Audit Project and to obtain the basic certification. Over the next 3 years, the University will define and implement a series of actions aimed at facilitating the reconciliation of the work and family life of its employees, personnel on fixed term contracts, and other staff in general.

Through these actions, the University of Trento will promote the implementation of equal opportunities in the University, among other things through the adoption of tools aimed at facilitating the reconciliation of work and family life, obtain a certification that proves the University’s commitment for the well-being of its employees, and stimulate other organizations to follow its best practices, even on an experimental basis.

The University action plan for 2015-2017

The University has prepared an action plan containing the measures it intends to implement in the next 3 years.

The Plan is structured in different actions and areas of interest:

  • the organization of work: timetables, work procedures, working environments
  • the culture of reconciliation: staff development
  • communication: information and communication tools
  • benefits and services: financial aid, family services
  • Distretto Famiglia: a re-organization of services based on the guidelines and objectives of “Distretto Famiglia”
  • new technologies and new ICT services

Detailed information on the Plan can be found in the Download box.

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For more information on the Family Audit national project, its various steps, the involved stakeholders and available tools, visit the website Family Audit