Staff development and training
In line with the provisions of contracts in force, the University implemented a number of strategies for staff motivation, assessment and development, whose purpose is to acknowledge and enhance the staff skills by supporting staff development policies and encouraging a remuneration policy based on objective principles and merit.

Evaluation of Technical and Administrative Staff

The evaluation of technical and administrative staff is intended as an organizational tool to make the best possible use of human resources based on their inclinations and skills, so as to:

  • acknowledge and enhance the skills available in a given context
  • support staff development policies (selection procedures, training, job-rotation, professional growth, and so on)
  • encourage a remuneration policy based on objective principles and merit (for the part of the salary attached to position and results achieved).

In line with the above, with the provisions of the national bargaining agreement in force for managerial staff and technical and administrative staff, and with the applicable complementary agreement, the University intends to establish a proportional relationship between the “indennità di posizione” (salary component depending on the employee’s position) and a real evaluation of the level of complexity and responsibility of each position, and between the “indennità di risultato” (salary component depending on the employee’s achievements) and an evaluation of results achieved by the staff within their division.

The staff evaluation system currently in use at the University consists of two parts:

  • evaluation of organizational positions and specialist functions
  • evaluation of performance (per objectives and skills/organizational attitudes).

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Training and updating

The University of Trento, through its Training and updating office, offers in-house courses to update the skills of its technical and administrative staff.
Courses are available to improve basic skills (languages and IT, law, etc.), soft skills (in terms of organization, management, relations etc.) and specialist skills, which depend on the specific sector of employment.
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