Archivio - Sviluppo organizzativo
Archivio - Sviluppo organizzativo

New legislation adopted in recent years (in particular, law 240/2010 and legislative decree 142/2011) has triggered important changes that have provided the University with the opportunity to design and implement a new organizational model, which has been gradually updated to make the management and administrative structure more flexible and capable of promptly responding to the needs of students and university members, while ensuring the highest possible standards in terms of quality of services.

The management and administrative structure, in line with the general reorganization scheme presented by the Board of Directors, was developed with the following objectives in mind:

  • improve the relationship between the central structure and departments and centers;
  • strengthen services at departments and centers and reorganize them to be more targeted and integrated, with a uniform level of quality;
  • optimize human resources management, recognizing the different skill sets, encouraging the mutual exchange of abilities, and ensuring an adequate distribution of work-loads.

In the download box you can find the document describing the new management and administrative structure, adopted by Director’s decree no. 9 of 12.06.2017, with detailed information on the structure, the tasks of all units up to the third level, and their responsibilities. You can also download other documents adopted to amend and update the organization.