University governing bodies 

The Charter, issued on 23 April 2012, defines the main governing and management bodies of the University: Rector, Board of Directors, President of the Board of Directors, Academic Senate, Council of Directors, Student Council, Evaluation Group, Board of Auditors, Director General, Board of Discipline.

Other bodies and committees for the University governance

The Charter and the General Regulations of the University provide for the creation of other bodies to support the governance of the University in specific areas. These bodies are: the Joint Committee for the Right to Study and the Promotion of Merit, the Research Ethics Committee, the Library Committee, the University Quality Assurance Committee, the Sports Committee, the Committee for Recruitment and Career Advancement, the Intellectual Property Committee, the Administrative and Technical Staff Committee, the Committee for Equal Opportunities, Well-being at Work and Against Discrimination, the Animal Welfare Committee, and the Committee for the implementation of the Code of Ethics.