Research data  

Through its Strategic Plan, the University of Trento recognizes and promotes the principles of open science and research ethics and integrity (transparency, reproducibility of research methods, collaboration, inclusiveness, accessibility, rigor, sharing, reuse, etc.) and supports their adoption by its members. It recognizes that all research outputs, and research data in particular, constitute a cultural and scientific asset to be managed, archived, preserved and made usable according to the highest standards of reliability, quality and integrity for the benefit of the whole society.

The Data Management Plan

University affiliates are responsible for the collection, management, archiving, storage and dissemination of data and other outputs of their research, in accordance with current legislation and any financing agreements with third parties.
In particular, each affiliate must write and constantly update their own data management plan, especially if the plan is explicitly required by financing agreements with third parties. The plan ensures that data and all research outputs are managed according to FAIR principles, that the processing methods comply with ethical and legal requirements, and that all necessary measures are ensured, including for security (for example, related to confidentiality or storage, such as backups).

Helpdesk service and guidelines

The University provides its affiliates with a helpdesk to support the drafting of the data management plan. It is offered by the Digital Services for Research Office and can be contacted by email: opendata [at]
The University prepared some guidelines for its affiliates, aimed mainly at those who participate in projects funded under Horizon Europe

application/pdfOpen Science obligations in Horizon Europe(PDF | 751 KB)

The first is a concise guide with European Commission recommendations to applicants about what to write about research data in their project proposals. The second summarizes the obligations in the field of open science for the beneficiaries, in order to avoid incurring penalties.

Training seminars

The University annually offers some seminars as part of the initiatives aimed at PhD students and postdocs. On data management, the “FAIR Data for Horizon Europe” course is offered on June 28, 2022 at 2.30pm.