Research data  

The University of Trento, through its Strategic Plan and Open Science policy, recognizes and promotes the principles of Open Science and responsible research (transparency, reproducibility of research methods, collaboration, inclusion, accessibility, rigor, the sharing of knowledge, reuse of data, etc.) and encourages its members to do the same. UniTrento believes that all research outputs, and research data in particular, constitute a cultural and scientific asset to be managed, archived, preserved and made usable – including in the long term – based on the highest standards of reliability, quality and integrity for the benefit of society as a whole.

The Research Data Management Plan

University affiliates are responsible for the collection, management, archiving, storage and dissemination of their research data and outputs, in accordance with current legislation (in particular, the rules mentioned in the recent Legislative Decree 200/2021), University regulations and any financing agreements with third parties.

Affiliates are recommended to draw up their own Data Management Plan (which also includes other research outputs) and to keep it up to date, even when that has not been formally demanded by third parties as part of a financing agreement. The plan ensures that all research data and outputs are managed according to FAIR principles, that the processing methods meet ethical and legal requirements, that all the necessary measures have been taken and the necessary economic and human resources costs taken into account, including for security (for example, to ensure confidentiality or for storage purposes, such as access control and backups).

Helpdesk and guidelines

A helpdesk is available to provide support to all affiliates in the drafting of the data management plan. The service is provided by the Digital Services for Research Office, which can be contacted by email to opendata [at]

The Open Science Committee has approved the University guidelines as an instrument for UniTrento members to find information and useful resources on the management and openness of research data and outputs, in compliance with current legislation, University regulations and any agreements entered into with third parties. 

The University has also adopted the two documents provided below, mainly for those who participate in projects funded through Horizon Europe:

application/pdfOpen Science obligations in Horizon Europe(PDF | 751 KB)

The first document includes recommendations by the European Commission on research data for applicants designing their project proposals. The second document summarizes the Open Science requirements for the beneficiaries, to avoid penalties.

Training seminars

The University organizes every year a number of seminars on research data as part of the courses aimed at PhD students and grant holders. Browse the repository of training materials provided in previous editions of the seminars. The seminars are advertised through the University website and the offices of the doctoral schools.