Research ethics

Maintaining high standards of research quality combined with proper scientific behaviour is an integral part of the University's institutional policy. The University of Trento considers the pursuit of the highest levels of professional ethical behaviour to be a fundamental part of its mission and is actively engaged in promoting a culture that embraces the principles set out in institutional, national and European codes, with the aim of protecting the rights, dignity and well-being of those who, in various ways, are involved in research. 

To enable professors, researchers and students to ensure these high standards, the University has approved procedures and tools to ensure continuous and up-to-date training as well as the necessary guidance on research ethics and integrity.

Research integrity

Research integrity is also an integral part of the institutional policy of the University, which strongly pursues the principles of correct and responsible scientific behaviour, the fulfilment of the highest standards of research quality and reproducibility, deontological duties and professional standards in research. 

Making the University of Trento a national and international reference point on research integrity issues is also one of the objectives in the 2022-2027 strategic planning. To this end, the University promotes and finances the strategically important interdepartmental project Integrity of Trento Research - INTEGRA, in order to develop interdisciplinary legal, ethical and scientific skills in those involved in research in the field of life sciences and new technologies.

Institutional bodies

The principles of research ethics and integrity are also promoted in our University through the specific activities of the following institutional bodies:

In the Support services, documents and guidelines section will be published soon the UniTrento guidelines summarising the ethical requirements in Horizon Europe, the 2021-2027 EU framework programme for research and innovation, whose principles are also widely applicable to other European funding programmes.

Support services, documents and guidelines

The Research ethics and integrity office provides support for the definition and implementation of the University's policies and procedures in the areas of ethics, research integrity, treatment and protection of personal data in research projects, gender equality and public engagement.

Below are documents that the University has issued or to which it adheres for the regulation of research ethics and integrity issues:

The Research Ethics Committee Secretariat coordinates the Committee's activities. Requests for an opinion to the President of the Research Ethics Committee, through the Committee Secretariat (segreteriacomitatoetico [at], must be sent using the appropriate forms.