Content-specific tutoring

The activities offered in the framework of content specific tutoring:

  • are focused on a determined subject area identified by the various departments and centres. The tutoring aims at supporting students who need assistance to overcome difficulties or to study a specific subject.
  • support students participating in international projects and in particular those coming from non-EU countries

Tutors usually work with groups of students but, on request from the teaching staff, can also work on a one-to-one basis.

Based on the requests and needs of departments and centres, usually two calls for tutors are launched (in the first and second semester) in every academic year.

Interviews and ranking of candidates

Tutor candidates are interviewed to establish their suitability for the position in the discipline area they have indicated. The calendar of interviews will be published and periodically updated by departments and centres based on their schedule.

Calendar of interviews - Second edition

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science - Computer Science Area (Area informatica)
The interviews will take place online on Thursday, 2 February at 9.00 am.

Selection committee

Alessandro Tomasi

Pierluigi Roberti

Ranking of candidates

Ranking of candidates - Teoria dei sistemi e del controllo 22_23 - second edition (PDF | 223 KB)
Ranking of candidates - Physics_22_23 - second edition (PDF | 49 KB)
Ranking of candidates - Chemistry_22_23 - second edition(PDF | 47 KB)
Ranking of candidates - Mathematics_22_23 - second edition (PDF | 49 KB)

Position requirements, duration and compensation

Positions are offered up to maximum 100 hours of tutoring to students enrolled in a programme of the University and to students who are about to graduate. In any case, the students cannot continue to provide tutoring once they have graduated.

The work of Master's and PhD students is regulated by Law 170/2003. Compensation is €16.00 gross/hour. This remuneration is exempt from tax, based on the provisions of former article 4 of Law no. 476 of 13.08.1984, as amended. The provisions of former article 2, paragraph 26 of Law no. 335 of 08.08.1995, as amended, apply in terms of social security matters.

The work of undergraduate students (at the time of the award of the contract) is regulated by Legislative Decree no. 68 of 29 March 2012 and Law 232/2016. Compensation is €14.00 gross/hour. This remuneration is exempt from personal income tax. Tutors are covered by insurance.

The successful candidates must provide the certificates of attendance for the course on Health and Safety in the workplace (general and specific training – low risk) and the course: Privacy Guidelines and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The compensation will be paid in one instalment once the tutors have submitted the required documents online at this address:

Students can provide tutoring and part-time work at the same time. 

Guidance tutors

Guidance tutors help students find their way in the University, including through online activities, offer organizational support, encourage the relationship between students and faculty, and provide information and counselling so that students can enhance their learning experience.

Contact details:

tutor-citta [at] 

tutor-collina [at] 

tutor-rovereto [at]