Here are a few tips on what you can do at UniTrento (email your suggestions to green [at]

Natural resources are not endless. The University of Trento has made a committment to use them responsibly and become more and more sustainable.

Join this effort by paying attention to small, everyday actions. Together we can make an impact, save energy and protect the environment.

We care about UniTrento, we care about the environment.

icona foglia

It may take even 15 trees, 100 tons of water and 7,600 kWh of electricity to make a ton of paper.
Use it wisely

PRINTS > print less, on both sides, on recycled paper
SCRAP PAPER > use old documents as scrap paper
WASTE PAPER > put waste paper in recycle bins
PAPER TOWELS > one is enough. Reduce your use
TOILET PAPER > do you remember? Reduce your use
GARBAGE > has a value: sort it properly

icona goccia

Our city supplies 250 litres of water per person per day.
We can do better.

WATER > Choose free drinking water. You can find it at the University's drinking water dispensers
TAP > Close the tap properly after use
PIPES > Watch out for leaks and report them. A dripping tap can waste as much as 5 litres of water each day
FLUSH > Use the small flush when possible
WATER > Find ways to reuse waste water

icona vento

According to the UN, the hole in the ozone layer will recover to 1980 levels thanks to international agreements. Together we avoided an environmental catastrophe. We have done it before.
We can do it again.

WINDOWS > Open the windows to air the room: a few minutes is enough
HAND DRYERS > Use them instead of paper towels

icona sole

To limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050, greenhouse gas emissions must be almost cut in half by 2030.
We must take action now.

LIFTS > Take the stairs: it's good for you and the environment
LIGHTS > Use natural light as much as possible
LIGHTING > Adjust it to your needs. Put your desk in the limelight
ELECTRIC APPLIANCES > Avoid the stand-by mode
HEATING > Turning your thermostat down by just 1 C would save 5-10% on your heating bill