Call for Mentee Applications for the April-November 2024 edition of the University of Trento WE/ME Mentoring Programme Applications open until February 29, 2024

The Mentoring Programme is an experience in which expert people (mentors) support and guide young people (mentees) in the choices they have to make for their professional growth.

Mentors are role models for their mentees: they share their knowledge and experience to facilitate the personal and professional growth of the mentees.

The relationship between mentor and mentee is a relationship of trust and openness.

The aim of the programme is to support, through mentoring, the personal and professional development of young undergraduates and recent graduates of the University of Trento. 

About mentoring

Annalisa Fabbri, mentor of the MentorLab, talks about mentoring in the following video:


Mentees and mentors

Who are the mentees

The mentees are young Alumni and students in the final year of a Master's or Single Cycle Master's Degree who meet the requirements of the call for their field of study.

Who are the mentors

The Mentors are Alumni of the University who have gained professional experience in different areas and offer their time and expertise on a voluntary basis for the benefit of the mentees.

The call for applications for the mentees will stay open until 1 March 2023 for the April–November 2023 edition. Information on the application process can be found in the call.

application/pdfCall for Mentee Applications, April-November 2024 edition(PDF | 114 KB)