Student athletes at UniTrento

A dual career at UniTrento

Sport plays a key role at the University of Trento where it is considered an integral part of the university experience.

The University launched UNITrento Sport in 2008, as a network of sport services and facilities including, among the various initiatives, a dual career programme for student athletes. 
With TOPSport, that's its name, UniTrento became the first university in Italy with a programme supporting athletes wishing to continue their studies side by side with their professional sport career. 

To make things even better, in 2012 the University joined EAS - The Dual Career Network


Launched in 2011, TOPSport is aimed at high level athletes of any sport who are planning to study at the University of Trento. By participating in the programme, they are supported in the organization of their studies and have access to a number of advantages, like flexible arrangements for exam sessions.
A limited number of places are available on TOPSport for students enrolled in degree programmes at UniTrento (excluding inter-university programmes).

For more information on student benefits and admissions visit the programme’s page.