Center for
Biomedical Technologies

Biotech is a centre aiming at fostering and coordinating research and training activities carried out in the University of Trento, in the field of biomedical sciences and technologies, in cooperation with external motivated public and private partners, research institutions, companies and health service facilities.

BIOtech was founded in 2007  upon the proposal of the Departments of:

  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies
  • Computer Science and Telecommunications
  • Cognitive sciences and Education

In September 2008, the first two main research areas were moved to Mattarello: Tissue Engineering, Cells and Tissues Dynamics and Biomedical Physics.

The Centre is equipped with cutting-edge tools and skills in the field of microstructural Imaging, the biochemical and histological characterization of engineered tissues and constructs, the development of materials and devices for biomedical applications, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, the elaboration of multi-varied bio signals and bio images, the characterization of critical medical devices and health technologies.

Biotech is a member of the European Network of Excellence EXPERTISSUES.

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