Refrigerating containers

Department/Centre: Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science 
Inventors: Fabio Massacci (UniTrento), Matthias Crichlow Caretta, Francesco Minna, Gabriele Fadini, Yangzhe Kong, Teyi Kung, Riccardo Sparagna
Fields of use: customer device for individual consumption or it can be sold to restaurants
Keywords: product design; ICT Innovation 
Bibliographical data: application number: 008368104-0001/0004 (registered Community design at EUIPO); priority date: 24/12/2020, extended to China on 24/06/2021 (application nr. 202130392477.X) and to USA on 23/06/2021 (application nr. 29/796.217).
Assignees: Università di Trento
Availability: available for license or assignment


The design refers to the appearance of containers which allow the conservation and refrigeration of single bottles as described in section “ICT Innovation” for the invention titled “Refrigerating container”. The hexagonal shape allows to have a modular structure with more containers while keeping the structure stable. Modularity also allows to share the main power between several containers for a remote control interface.