Chiara Vicario, the University's confidential counsellor, has been appointed to assist people who experience mobbing, harassment, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour.

The confidential counsellor:

  • hears and protects those who are victims of mobbing, harassment, discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour, including within formal or informal procedures to address and solve the problem;
  • provides information and training to raise awareness on the different types of workplace harassment.

The counsellor is fully independent in the performance of her functions and is bound to confidentiality. She  respects the will of their clients, and identifies the most effective strategy to manage and solve the issues of those who ask for her help.

All University students and employees can contact the confidential counsellor for advice, guidance and assistance if they are victims of the behaviour described in article 2 of the Regulation on the protection of human dignity and for the prevention and fight against mobbing, harassment, discrimination.

The confidential counsellor meets with clients individually. She provides the service on a volunteer basis.

How to contact the Confidential Counsellor

To request information or make an appointment write an email to Consiglieradifiducia [at] or call 0461-281295 (this is call forwarding number).

If you want to be contacted, please leave your phone number (your mobile number for example) and you will be called back.

To serve the international community of the University of Trento, the counsellor provides her service in Italian and in English.