Under the Rules governing the on-call service, approved by Rector’s Decree no. 1 of 7 January 2010, the University of Trento provides an on-call service to address issues and emergencies for the general safety of its staff and students at its various premises.

The service is provided by University personnel, properly trained to offer different types of responses.

In general, the purpose of the service is to protect University property and to make sure that all University users can efficiently access the premises.

The service aims at providing an immediate response in case of:

  • break-ins and property damage;
  • failures and malfunctioning;
  • personal safety of people visiting the premises out of their opening hours.

The service is alerted:

  • automatically when alarm systems detect unauthorized personnel within the premises;
  • on call through phone number 320 4355624, for the premises in the Trento area, and 320 4355625 for premises in Povo-Mesiano, Mattarello and Rovereto, to request help or assistance.

A table displaying the above phone numbers and hours of operations to request help or assistance can be found in all the University premises:

Mondays: from 14.30 pm to 7.30am
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: from 18.00pm to 7.30am of the following day 
Fridays: from 14.30 pm to 7.30am on Monday

Cittadini dell'Ordine – Südtiroler Ronda, a private security firm, responds together with university personnel when alerted. If a fire alarm or burglar alarm goes off, the emergency room is alerted and agents run immediately on the spot to help the University personnel on call. 

At all premises where a security/fire alarm system is in place, the system goes on automatically at the end of the working day.

To ensure safety at all the University premises on a 24/7 basis, directors of departments and centres and/or head of staff can authorize access to buildings or parts of them through dedicated and functional passages for all institutional activities.

As a rule, the service responds to all requests for help or assistance, no matter what the cause of the emergency is. However, the cost of the call will be charged on the caller, upon written notice, in case of negligence or absence of a serious and objective emergency.

For information:
Università degli Studi di Trento
Direzione Patrimonio Immobiliare Appalti - Segreteria Tecnica
segreteriatecnicadirpia [at] unitn.it
Phone: 0461­28.1290 – 1265  

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