Federazione Lavoratori della Conoscenza

Confederazione Generale Italiana Lavoratori

The main purpose of the University Section of FLC - CGIL (the Knowledge workers’ federation of the Italian General Confederation of Labour) is to protect workers’ rights and to acknowledge and enhance their professionalism.

These are our founding values:

  • public and secular education, schools, universities and research;
  • recognition of diversity and integration;
  • equality and equal social dignity;
  • peace and rejection of war and violence;
  • independence of research and teaching;
  • the right to a qualified lifelong education.

We believe that the production of knowledge must be considered as a common good, that needs to be collectively safeguarded in a way that also ensures individual rights.

Members of FLC-CGIL have equal rights and duties irrespective of their ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, sexual and cultural orientation, participation in political organizations.

The representatives of FLC-CGIL of the University of Trento are:

Bommassar Andrea
phone 0461 882918
e-mail: andrea.bommassar [at] unitn.it

Union Representatives:

Bertolini Paolo
phone +39 0461 28 1907
e-mail: paolo.bertolini [at] unitn.it

Cristofoli Carlo
phone +39 0464 80 8650
e-mail: carlo.cristofoli [at] unitn.it

Pastor Maria Pilar
phone +39 0461 28 1782
e-mail: mariapilar.pastor [at] unitn.it

Rossi Flavio
phone +39 0461 28 2002
e-mail: flavio.rossi [at] unitn.it

Ruaben Katia
phone +39 0461 28 2375
e-mail: katia.ruaben [at] unitn.it