Unione Italiana del Lavoro
Ricerca Università Afam

The main purpose of UIL Ricerca Università Afam is to represent and protect workers in national bargaining negotiations, decentralised bargaining negotiations and in every working environment.

UIL is the Union representing workers and citizens.

It is a Union that has no owners, an instrument at the service of workers that acts independently no matter what government is in office. The Union defends the freedom and dignity of its members and citizens in general.


Local secretary: Migliarini Maurizio
(e-mail: maurizio.migliarini [at] gmail.com)

University secretary: Belloni Gianluca
(tel. 0461  283531; e-mail: gianluca.belloni [at] unitn.it)

RSU Representative: Iannacchino Rossana
(tel. 0461  282349; e-mail: rossana.iannacchino [at] unitn.it)

RSU Representative: Osti Elsa
(tel. 0461 282345; e-mail: elsa.osti [at] unitn.it)